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Tell us about your product and we will provide solutions and drawings to ensure we understand your needs. Where others see problems, we see opportunities recognized by experience.


We provide you with a quote



We bring together best-in-class expertise for solutions that change the market. When you are satisfied with our proposal, we start production on your prototype if needed. Your part is molded or machined accordingly. 

We work with you to find ways to improve your product if needed. No opportunity is missed for leveraging technology to make your product the most advanced in its class.


We send you the Pre-Production Part Approval (PPAP) for your review and final approval. Once a purchase order is received, the tooling is built according to your exact specifications. You can easily follow the manufacturing process as you receive a status report for each step of the project.


We manufacture and deliver your polymer parts. We are customer-focused: a clear communication channel is established to ensure your parts continue to meet your specifications, your quality and your deadlines.


Let us create a quote for your custom job!

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