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Your objective is to launch a new product or to update an existing one and you need it done fast. The DPM team can lead the way  with our expertise and resources.

A team of engineers and designers are with you throughout the process. Dakota Plastics and Machining pays close attention to your needs by designing products that meet your specifications.

Product development process:



A team of engineers and designers will work together to develop the best possible product.



Experts will quickly create your idea to make sure its within the bounds of reason.



Engineers will design the product according to your requirements and it will stand out in the market.


Your product design is addressed by the DPM team to ensure the most efficient cost by eliminating any waste of material.


Thanks to the one-stop shop concept with DPM, it is easier to ensure the quality of products throughout the manufacturing process.


About Dakota Plastic & Machining

DPM designs and manufactures a variety of components and parts for OEM and aftermarket companies. The teams strength comes from its expertise and services that make it your one stop-shop for all your projects.

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